Children’s Master Class in Self Defense

Children’s Master Class in Self Defense

NHB is excited to announce that Joseph Peterson, an experienced 5th Degree Champion black belt instructor, will offer a Master Class to students, friends and relatives about identifying, avoiding, diffusing, and defending against a threatening situation. At NHB we recognize the importance of teaching children of all ages these critical life skills. This class will help build confidence in a fun and safe environment.

What: Stranger Danger/Bully Defense

Who: Boys and Girls aged 6 to 16 years

Where: The Community Foundation Building, 70 Audubon Street, New Haven

When: Saturday, July 8, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Cost: $20 per student

Attire: Tee shirt, shorts or track pants, bare feet. Long hair should be secured away from face

Bring your friends! This class is not just for students who study at NHB but for friends and relatives as well.

Space is limited. If interested please contact NHB’s office at 203-782-9038. Payment is required at time of registration.

We look forward to your participation!


Head Instructor, Master Joseph Peterson

I have been teaching the art of Tae Kwon Do since 1994 throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. I started training in Tae Kwon do as a teenager to learn self-defense. As I am not shy to say, I was a huge fan of old-time “Kung Fu Theater” and similar programs of its likeness. What I quickly found out was that this activity was helping me to feel more confident about myself. My self-esteem was much better, and I started to feel strong as an individual. I continued my training throughout college at Northern Illinois University, which is when I discovered my love for teaching. By the time I finished college I was in charge of teaching a campus Tae Kwon Do club as well as a University-accredited Tae Kwon Do course. I finished college with a teaching degree in secondary education and immediately began my apprenticeship for instructing Tae Kwon Do. Since that time I have promoted to the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt and have been teaching and managing Tae Kwon Do schools/programs throughout the Northern Illinois (most specifically Rockford) and southern Wisconsin (Beloit, Janesville) areas full-time. Although I recently received my 5th Degree Black Belt (in 2009), becoming a “Master” of Tae Kwon Do, I will always see myself as a “student” of the arts.

I am very fortunate and happy to have wonderful, dedicated students. I look forward to continuing to study martial arts and pass on my knowledge to those that would care to study along with me. By teaching I have become a much better student. By continuing to train, I have realized how much I have to learn. Remember to always train and seek knowledge with the enthusiasm of a White Belt. For those who teach or would like to teach, remember, as a wise teacher once said, “If you would like to keep what I have taught you, give it to others.”


June 2017 Newsletter


Master Class: NYCB's Sean Suozzi


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