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New Haven Ballet offers students excellent ballet training over the summer through two sessions. We assist students preparing for ballet summer programs and provide continued training for those who wish to improve for their upcoming competition or Nutcracker season. These classes are offered in the late afternoons and evenings to students ages 3-19 years.

Session I offers classes May 28-June 22, 2024.

Session II offers classes June 23-July 20, 2024.


First Steps is a wonderful introduction to the joy of movement for those completing 3K preschool. For those completing 4K Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten, Creative Ballet promotes the development of a child’s natural creativity with a focus on motor skill development and musical awareness. For those finishing 1st and 2nd grades, Pre-Ballet and Primary offer an introduction to more formal classical ballet training, using age-appropriate ballet vocabulary and movement. No placement class is needed to register for Children’s Division classes.

Dress Code:

Girls: Wear a solid light pink ballet–style leotard with a short ballet skirt attached or as a pull-on, footed light pink or flesh-toned tights, and ballet slippers to match either pink or flesh-toned tights. The tights and ballet slippers must match.

Boys – Solid black or white tee-shirt, with solid black athletic shorts or tights, and black ballet shoes.



Offered in two sessions, summer classes allow students ages 10-19 to continue ballet training and improve their technique. They offer introductory, beginning, and intermediate-advanced pointe work, in addition to intermediate and advanced technique. For more advanced students, repertory and conditioning allow dancers to emphasize developing individual artistry, improving technical skills, and building strength and flexibility. New students must take a placement class.

Upon the recommendation of the Artistic Director, students who complete Level 3 and receive a recommendation from their instructor for matriculation to Level 4 for the Fall term may begin pointe if they participate in three technique classes weekly. This introduction to pointe class is designed for students with little to no pointe experience and is held on Saturdays in two summer sessions. New students must schedule a placement class to participate.

During the summer, students in levels 1, 2, and 3 continue their formalized ballet training, perfecting their primary vocabulary and steps. Beginning and intermediate pointe work continues in Levels 4 and 5, and Intermediate and Advanced students incorporate more advanced technique, emphasizing the development of their individual artistry, technical detail, and movement.


Dress Code:

Girls—Solid-colored ballet-style leotard, footed pink or flesh-toned tights, and matching pink or flesh-toned ballet slippers. Tights and ballet slippers/pointe shoes must match. Pointe shoes are required for Levels 4-8.

Boys – Solid black or white tee-shirt, black athletic shorts or tights, black ballet shoes.

Sleep Away Intensive Program at Choate Rosemary Hall (Ages 11+)

July 28-August 9, 2024


As the standard for classical ballet training throughout Greater New Haven, New Haven Ballet offers students an opportunity to improve their technical skills and artistry through a premiere summer ballet intensive experience. During the Choate Residency, dancers train daily in a pre-professional classical ballet curriculum, supplemented with Pilates, conditioning and stretch, pointe, partnering, and repertory classes. Students achieve marked improvement in strength, flexibility, artistry, and technical ability, readying them for their upcoming Nutcracker season. The Choate Residency culminates in a performance at the Paul Mellon Arts Center in Wallingford.



The Choate Residency is for serious students. Limited spots are available, and an audition with permission from the Artistic Director is required. This advanced-level ballet program offers an intensive course of study designed to maximize technical and artistic skills. New Haven Ballet provides students with the highest caliber of classical ballet training, including pointe, partnering, and repertory. Training is augmented by a rich diversity of workshops.


New Haven Ballet invites students to audition for an all-inclusive immersive sleep-away intensive that is designed to facilitate students reaching their full potential by strengthening their ballet technique and artistry. This two-week advanced intensive offered at Choate Rosemary Hall’s beautifully appointed facilities in Wallingford, Connecticut, is for serious ballet students ages 11 years and older who are considering a dance career. Daily classes may include ballet technique, pointe, variations, men’s class, partnering, Pilates and conditioning, and more. There will be a performance on the last day of the intensive. There is no audition fee. Once admitted, students must pay a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold their spot, with the remainder due June 1. Please download the brochure for additional information and submit an application form to apply. Pointe students should have at least one year of pointe work experience or approval from the Artistic Director.

Dress Code:

Girls – Solid color ballet style leotard, footed pink or flesh-toned tights, with matching pink or flesh-toned ballet slippers. Tights and ballet slippers/pointe shoes must match. Pointe shoes are required.

Boys – Solid black or white tee-shirt, black athletic shorts or tights, black ballet shoes.

2-Week Program:

    • A carefully structured program consisting of a full day of dance training designed to maximize progress over two intense weeks of study
    • Each dancer receives individualized attention and assistance to identify and strengthen weaknesses while building a beautiful dance technique, which includes a private meeting with the artistic team to evaluate goals
    • Dancers focus on their artistry in addition to learning about the tools professional dancers use to enable them to improve and maintain a healthy body and mind
    • Dancers will learn exercises and techniques that they may use after the program finishes to allow their progress to continue
    • Special off-campus weekend activities will be offered
    • The program concludes with a performance at the Paul Mellon Arts Center


    • Choate Rosemary Hall is located at 333 Christian Street in Wallingford, Connecticut
    • Classes meet in the Dance Studios at The Arts Center in Colony Hall
    • Students board in Choate’s dormitories
    • Students dine in Choate’s Hill House Dining Hall during mealtimes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and overnight dorm room accommodations provided in addition to dinner on the first night
    • Dancers will have access to the Pool
    • Dancers will meet for daily conditioning

Dates & Times: July 28-August 9, 2024

    • Check-in/drop off Sunday afternoon with dinner as the first meal
    •  Week Days: Full Camp Days
    •  Friday, August 9: evening check-out
    •  Final performance on Friday, August 9

Cost: $2,990

    • Includes tuition, room and board, and performance fee (including costume rental fee). Off-campus weekend activity fees are not included.
    • Day Only Option: $1,990 includes tuition, lunch and dinner, and performance fee (including costume rental fee) for attendance Monday through Friday each week. Weekend meals and activities are not included.
Banner Photo: ©Thomas Giroir Photography 2021


To provide the greater New Haven Community with exceptional classical ballet training, performances, and outreach programs, that nurture appreciation of ballet and foster the joy of dance.

On October 31, 2020, NHB’s Board of Directors adopted the following Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

New Haven Ballet celebrates those who aspire to excellence in classical ballet. A culture of creativity is the core of our work and diversity promotes innovation. The arts can provide powerful life-changing experiences that prepare students and impact audiences to lead more successful, meaningful and culturally rich lives. The arts can also prove to be an important platform for social change. At New Haven Ballet we are passionate about creating an inclusive dance environment and performances that promote and value diversity and inclusion. We will continue to strive to increase diversity in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective, which will improve and strengthen our work.

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