DanceAIR Performance:

Friday, May 24, 2019

6:00-7:00 p.m.

ECA ACES Arts Hall

55 Audubon Street, New Haven


New Haven Ballet presents a performance by New Haven Public School 2nd Graders who participated in the 2019 DanceAIR Outreach Program. New Haven Ballet Company and New Haven Ballet students will also perform. Scholarships will be awarded.

2019 NHPS include:

Christopher Columbus Family Academy
Fair Haven School
Lincoln Bassett School
John S. Martinez School
East Rock School

DanceAIR is an outreach program offered by New Haven Ballet, which makes dance accessible to underserved children in New Haven. Through DanceAIR, students expand their understanding and appreciation of dance and the performing arts, learn basic dance technique and choreography, and have an opportunity to express themselves artistically by combining musicality and rhythm. They experience the discipline and physicality of dance, which emphasizes focus, athleticism, coordination, artistry, strength, balance, flexibility, and hard work.

DanceAIR targets students who are interested in dance, but would likely not have an opportunity to learn about and experience the art form without DanceAIR. Since 2014, DanceAIR has reached 2nd grade students at many public elementary schools in New Haven. This year, under the direction of Christopher DeNofio, DanceAIR will offer classical ballet training at Fair Haven School, Columbus Family Academy, John S. Martinez School, Lincoln Bassett School, and East Rock School.

Specifically, DanceAIR provides:

• dance

 classes – NHB teachers provide weekly dance instruction for ten+ weeks in each school. The program is usually offered during regular school hours, but has also been offered as an after-school program. Each class includes a warm-up with stretches using basic ballet technique, floor work grounded in ballet technique, teamwork through choreographing and rehearsing a dance piece, and a cool-down.

• community performance – DanceAIR students are invited to perform and demonstrate what they learn at a community performance. These performances have featured accomplished dancers from Dance Theater of Harlem and Nutmeg Conservatory’s Professional Training Programs. The NHB Company of pre-professional dancers also perform.

• scholarships – NHB offers scholarships to one student from each school and has offered more than one scholarship per school when students have demonstrated exceptional talent, dedication and aptitude. Scholarships include tuition for multiple dance classes a week at NHB School for one year, performance fees, dancewear, and a stipend for transportation. Past DanceAIR winners have received financial aid to supplement their dance training after the DanceAIR scholarship has expired. These students are training to the fullest extent and participating in every performance.

If your school is interested in offering DanceAIR or for information on how you can help make dreams come true by supporting the program please call: 203.782.9038.

Photos: Leigh Busby (c) 2019


Photos from the DanceAIR performance at the Co-Op High School Main Stage Theater, New Haven, May 8, 2014, 7:00 p.m. @Thomas Giroir Photography 2014

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